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If you wish to meet with me at a scheduled time and place, I would not be opposed to that idea.
Ensure that all details are manifest.
Peace and Long Life.

OOC Warning:
First and foremost I am a student... so please be patient with me on replies.
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Through Constructive Criticism, We Learn.

If there is anything that you think I can improve on playing Spock, please let me know.
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'Maybe you can be friends?' Spock scoffs at the very thought as he all but stalks through the halls, taking in every detail as ensigns do their best to avoid him. After their relationship came to a natural conclusion, him and Uhura stayed friends of sorts, though Spock had come to avoid everyone more than he usually did, though he would deny it if asked. Though above all, and for reasons beyond all his understanding, it was his Captain's presence that he could bear the least. For now the Vulcan stayed in the labs, taking advantage of the quiet while the Enterprise patrolled an empty sector of space.
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If Uhura had seemed difficult to deal with lately, it might have something to do with the slightly dejected Vulcan that tended to walk around the ship at odd hours of the night.

He had tried, honestly he did, but like all relationships he had, they always came to a bitter end. That's where his head might have been one night as he walked down the hall, running into the ship's doctor. Sorry about that McCoy, it might have been like getting hit by a brick wall...

"My apologies, Doctor."
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The Dome:

[One of the simulator doors is wide open for anyone to see inside, and for the most part, the room is empty... except for a tv, and a large couch; the back of which is facing the door. For anyone who knows the Vulcan well, they'll recognize the cap of neat, black hair sticking above the back of the couch. What will seem odd though are the sounds coming from the room...

...sounds, for those who would recognize them, that resemble something like video games from the mid eighties to early nineties.

If anyone dares to venture into the room and walks around the couch, they'll see the floor littered with games for the various consoles set up by the tv. Currently, Spock is engrossed with Super Mario Bros for the SNES, his eyebrows and mouth fixated in a scary looking frown as he navigates through the levels.]

[ooc: Spock has been gone for just about two weeks, and is now suffering under a inconvenient effect: he's addicted to video games. For those who would like to jump in on this, there are extra controllers. *hint hint*
Also, it's good to be back~ /hugs everyone/]
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Greetings and salutations, first let me apologise if I worried anyone with my absence, it is my understanding that I have been missing for approximately four weeks. If anything drastic has taken place, please inform me...
[The Vulcan hadn't been able to find Doctor McCoy, so he wonders how many other people disappeared in his absence.]

It would seem that the Malnosso were once again quite inconvenient in their timing, since it was also this time last year that I was in their care, preventing me from... well... [Spock shifted, looking away for a moment, almost as though he was embarrassed.] ...celebrating my birthday.

While Vulcans do not celebrate birthdays, I have come to appreciate my own more ever since my mother's demise. It is more for her than for myself, so if anyone would care to join me in celebration of her memory, I will be at Good Spirits later this evening.
[Spock lifts his hand in a Ta'al.] Peace and long life.

[ooc: In the afternoon, Spock will be found in House 14, either playing his lyre or reading on the porch. In the evening, Spock will be in a large booth in the back of Good Spirits, nursing a tea with something stronger in it. Show the Vulcan what he should do on birthday~]
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 "I do not understand, is it not supposed to make logical sense?"
"Hmm, I am not certain. I was told that often jokes are humorous because an individual can relate to them or they remind the person of something familiar. For it not to make sense... does that not go against that theory?"
"I am uncertain. As I can see, they are filled with grammatical errors with a 'punch line' that is a misrepresentation of the language in which it is told... Do you find anything particularly 'funny' about any of these?"
"A punch line...?" [A pause.] "Well... I do not feel the desire to laugh or smile, so I suppose not. Perhaps it really is the delivery of the words that is important."
"Hmm... another test then. Knock Knock."
"Who is there?"
"...orange who?"
"Are you not pleased that I did not tell you another 'knock knock' joke?" [A Pause.] "That is not right..."
"...no. What relation does that have to an orange?" [Confused Eley is confused, but after a moment's silence, he'll speak up again.] "Perhaps I can try a different kind of joke..."
"Please do."
[Time passes, but soon Eley speaks again.] "I used to be a doctor, but then I lost patients."
[A pause.] "You were a doctor? And I have always known you to have an incredible amount of patience."
"...ah, no. I was not actually a doctor. That is a part of the joke. Besides that, the word 'patience' is also referring to those the doctor cares for." [Honestly though, he's realizing now how awful a joke it is.] "...death is not funny."
"Ah, I see. I believe the joke you just told is classified as a 'pun'."

"A pun... I can only see such jokes as confusing in the long-term. How can you be sure exactly what meaning a person is aiming for?"
"Perhaps it is our grasp of the lang-- hmmm... [A pause.] It would seem that my journal has been left open..."
[Oh dear.] "Does that mean everyone has been listening to our conversation?"

"That is quite possible...."

[ooc: Replies will be done by both Eleytheria and myself~ Don't be shy to poke fun at our two fail jokers.
Spock is in Green, and Eleytheria is in Blue~]
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[Spock can be found mostly hiding out in the Dome. he doesn't really trust the sudden influx of new visitors in Luceti, because it usually means bad news.

This is a catch-all post for Spock~ Approach the Vulcan at your own risk.]
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[Why did he agree to do this? Well, he knows why he agreed to this, but the logical question would be why was he still in this illogical costume?
In the early evening, the Vulcan can be found walking through the village of Luceti wearing a very festive green and read elf costume, complete with a pointed hat and shoes. The hat even had a bell on it.
Spock's expression didn't exactly reflect the festive outfit he wore though, and if anything, it looked as though there should be a dark cloud following the Vulcan around. Approach him if you dare as he runs various errands at the grocery store, items shop, then finally the Dome.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Vulcan has become an elf for the season as a favour for a certain Captain.]
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[As the lights from the transporter beam dissipates, the Vulcan sways as he takes in the rather unexpected surroundings. There was one obvious conclusion:
This was not the Enterprise.

The Vulcan's mind buzzes with questions: Where was he? Where was Khan? Did he escape? Did the transporter malfunction? Did Nyota make it back to the Enterprise? The whole fight with the war criminal Khan seemed like a dream, an emotionally hazy, anger filled dream. Memories he didn't have for a whole year came flooding back, and he knew, he knew where he was now. This wasn't a trick of the mind, he was really back in this place.


An entire year later and he was brought back again at the most ill-conceived time. His Captain... his friend was dead and Khan's blood could supposedly bring him back to life? Certainly he had believed Nyota's words, but there was no concrete evidence given to him, and now he'll never know.
Spock looked around in quiet desperation, his brows furrowed with a rare vulnerability showing on his face. He shifted his back... yes, of course, there were the wings, sensitive as he remembered from his first days here in this infuriating place. The journal, his name embossed in gold gleamed in the sunlight, as if mocking him... but that was illogical. Bending at the waist, Spock picked up the journal, allowing its weight in his hand to remind him of the reality of the situation.

Green blood splattered on the journal as he opened it, he needed to see who was still here. The Vulcan breathed, wiping the strange coloured blood from the side of his mouth... and then opened his mouth to speak.]

Greetings residents of Luceti, I am Spock. I have been gone for approximately eleven point three months, however, considering the paradox of time that Luceti resides in, I do not know how long I have actually been away from here. If there is anyone still here that I know, information would be appreciated.

[Spock pauses to wipe more blood from his mouth.] I also require medical assistance.


[Spock finds his way to the clinic so that his injuries can be seen to. Later, he can be found at the Dome, reorienting himself to Luceti and making sure his program files are still there, although he's only been gone a few days. In the evening Spock can be found around House #2, sitting on the porch with his Lyre, tired but amenable to talk.]

[ooc: Spock's been out of Luceti for just over two days, but if you've seen the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, you'll know that Spock has been gone for about a year. The moment he's brought into Luceti is just as he is beamed back onto the ship after beating the crap out of Khan with Uhura's assistance. So have a beaten up Vulcan who's worried about his dead Captain. Cheers~]
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[Spock fiddles with the journal for a moment, making certain that the message is broadcast to everyone but Nico Robin.]

Greetings and salutations everyone. It is my hope that everyone has recovered from the latest Malnosso experiment, as from what I heard from others, I do not envy your experiences.
At this time, I find myself with a request for those of you who are familiar with Miss Nico Robin. It has come to my attention that due to recent events, Miss Robin's emotional disposition has greatly suffered, and it is my wish to see it improved. From what I understand of various cultural habits, it is common to utilize various festive activities to improve emotional morale. These activities should consist of conditions that are agreeable to Miss Robin, so if there is anyone who is aware of what Miss Robin enjoys, please inform me as soon as you can.
I am asking for assistance in planning this gathering... I believe the proper term is 'party'? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as well as refraining from telling Miss Robin about this.
The time and location for this gathering will soon be disclosed.

[Spock lifts his hand in a Ta'al.]
Peace and long life.
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[Spock opened his eyes and held in the groan at the familiar sight of Luceti's forest. It took a moment for the Vulcan to organize his thoughts and realize what had happened...

Ah yes... He had been kidnapped once again.

Spock sat up, wary of the lingering effects from his visit with the Malnosso... and looked around for his Journal. Predictably it was laying innocently by his side... illogically he had hoped that it might have been lost. No matter.
Spock reached for it and stopped... realizing that something was wrong with his hand. It was... frozen. His long fingers stuck together, hand in the shape of a loose fist and refusing to move. The Vulcan's eyes widened in surprise as he checked his other hand, finding the exact same thing. What was he going to do? He could barely pick up the journal let alone use it properly.

The Vulcan fumbled with the journal, finally getting it to flop open on in his lap... ]

Greetings. I have been returned from my... visit... with the Malnosso. I require assistance. Is anyone there?

[Action]: Spock can be found in the woods without the use of his hands. He's going to need a lot of help, and Spock's not going to like it.
You can also catch him walking towards his place with his journal held awkwardly between his fists. Approach him if you dare.]

[OOC: When I originally went on Hiatus, I said that Spock was going to be on autopilot, however, I've needed to be away longer than originally planned. It was advised to me that I have Spock mallynapped to excuse him from not knowing everything that's gone down. Apparently I've missed wings... this upsets me greatly. XD]
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[Spock blinks awake... but then shuts his eyes again as the wave of disorientation hits him. People and events crowd into his mind in no logical order... leaving gaping holes in his memories.

Logically, he can safely assume that something has happened to him. He's hurt, alone... and his normally eidetic memory is off... Indeed, something has definitely happened to him.

Opening his eyes once more, he takes in his surroundings... his tiny hand reaches out and takes the journal that is laying innocently beside him.
It's a familiar book, almost as if it's from a distant memory... but he cannot remember how or why it's here... or where he is for that matter. But he does recognize these trees... He's definitely been here before.
Opening the journal's pages, he doesn't realize that he has activated the 'video'... Anyone who is listening in will see the bruised face of an eight year old boy... with a familiar bowl cut, slanted eyebrows, and pointed ears.
Spock stares at the book for awhile, trying hard to place it within his memory... then shuts it. Standing, and fighting off another wave of disorientation... Spock makes his way slowly towards civilization.]

ooc: Meet 8 year old Spock, who is lost and confused as to where he is. If your CR with him is strong enough, he may recognize you, and recall some events... he just won't recall everything clearly. All answers to posts will be coming from my other account: [personal profile] spohkh_kan
Feel free to bump into Spock as he wandering aimlessly around town, trying to find his way home.. or at least a familiar face. If he does find a familiar face, expect him to tag along like a duckling.
Also, feel free to grab Spock's attention through the journal, he will be very inquisitive about the entire phenomenon. Cheers m'dears! ^_^
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[The early morning sun was barely touching the Luceti horizon when a resounding crash echoed through House number two.

Spock, having finally fallen into slumber, was rudely awakened by several droids... all with the intent of kidnapping him...

...looks like the Malnosso wanted another look at the Vulcan. Spock fought against his captors valiantly, but to no avail.

For the residents of House two, all that is left is a messy room and a broken window.... and no Vulcan.]

[ooc: The final week of school is going to be busy, plus I'll be moving back home for the summer. This kidnapping will be about a week long or so, and Spock will return after that as a child! So stay tuned for cuteness~]
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[Spock had finally finally moved past the theoretical stage in developing the force field for Captain Rogers. The Vulcan could be found behind his house working closely with various metal elements... He wanted to make sure he was outside so as not to stink up the place.

Spock regarded the small, charged mechanism for a moment... With so many magic wielders around, it was easy enough to ask someone to charge the conduit with lightening. However, the frame was causing Spock trouble... The metals were not cooperating... and without a proper lab, Spock was getting mildly frustrated. He looked at what he had... a puddle of silvery liquid that had a cohesive consistency...

...to borrow a human phrase... it was 'back to the drawing board.']

[It was about this time that a certain Wind Spirit was wandering past, noticing odd smells and activity from behind the house. Naturally he wanted to know what exactly was going on, so he followed his senses to where Spock was working. Was he trying to build something?

Eley watched for a while with some fascination, having never seen this kind of work done before. True, Bravura was a continent proud of its use of metals, but this was something else. Something different. It was when he noted his friend's frustration that he decided to step forward.]

Spock. Do you need assistance? [Not that he would have any idea what he was doing...]

[Spock... being rather high strung lately... startled at the sudden voice, slipped, and accidentally dunked his hand into the liquid pool of metal...
The Vulcan barely kept from sighing... at least it wasn't corrosive.]
Greetings Eleytheria... [Spock stood... he needed to tend to his hand.] Please excuse me for a moment....

[The Spirit can't help but feel a little abashed at his words causing his friend an accident, but he's glad that it didn't seem dangerous, whatever that substance was.] Ah, my apologies. I did not mean to startle you...

[Of course, while the Vulcan tends to his hand, Eley's just going to be looking over his project more closely. He doesn't really understand what he's seeing but he's curious about it all the same. Especially when he catches a spark at the corner of his eye... he turns to find the source of it and steps closer. Eley was no stranger to storms or lightning and the sparking intrigues him... to the point where he reaches towards it...]

[Spock notices Eley moving towards the charged device and lunges, hand outstretched to prevent him from touching it. The Vulcan's metal covered hand wraps around Eleytheria's wrist.]

I would not advise touching that... you would have been immobilized for quite some time and it could have caused you serious harm.

[Eley's not used to being touched at the best of times, so it startles him when Spock suddenly grabs him like that, preventing him from harm. Of course he is glad for his help and for the warning... the shock alone was enough to stop him going any further. He gives a nod.] Forgive me... I should not be touching things I do not understand.

[The Spirit waits for Spock to let go of his wrist... but it doesn't seem to be happening. Slightly puzzled, he goes on.] You may release me. I can assure you I will not do it again.
[Spock frowns....] It appears that I cannot. [The Vulcan tries to separate his hand from its position on Eley's wrist....] The metal seems to have fused us together...

[The metal... so it was strong enough to stick them together? This... was problematic. Eley had no idea how to pry them apart, not that he could with just one hand. He'd probably end up hurting them even if he tried.] Do you know how long it will last? Or... is it permanent?
[Spock's lips twitched in a small frown....]

I am... uncertain. I have not dealt with this particular combination before... We will have to go to the Dome... perhaps the Doctors can be of assistance. [Spock regarded Eley....]

[So others would have to see them like this... It's only then Eley realizes just how awkward this situation was for the both of them and he seems to be finding it rather hard to look Spock in the eye right now. This was his fault after all. He gives a nod though, shifting uncomfortably on his feet.] If that is what we must do...

[Spock sighs.. a light blush staining his cheeks at the intimate contact...well... intimate contact for a Vulcan... and tugs Eley towards the Dome.]

[Action options: Meet Eley and Spock in their compromising position as they make their way to the Dome. Take advantage of the quiet, bashful duo~]
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